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I'm Christine

I like puzzles.

I like to obsess.

I like to play.
I collect stuff that has 

avocados/pandas on it.

And I'm an actor.

I could have also said:
I'm a gamer.
I'm a singer.
I'm a dancer.
I'm a musician.
I'm a bookkeeper.
I'm a yoga teacher.
I'm a spreadsheet nerd.
I'm a website developer.
I'm a vegan smoothie lover.
I'm a volunteer at the ASPCA.
I'm a personal assistant.
I'm a crossword addict.
I'm a shipping expert.
I'm a stage manager.
I'm a tax preparer.
I'm a thinker.

I'm a person.

Fun facts:

  • Did you know that Excel can teach yoga?

  • My cats know keyboard shortcuts that I don't.

Here's my resume:

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